What’s Between Point A and Point B?

Some quick updates are:

  • I made an appointment with the Spanish consulate in Chicago! VOILA!! The materials needed for the visa application seem to be a bit beyond my comprehension level so obviously I haven’t got a chance to sort them through yet, but since I saw that they are all booked up for the whole week next week, I just figured I’d better do it now or…maybe never.
  • The date for our pre-departure orientation is set for next week!! I am not sure what’s going to happen then, but I’m already beyond excitement to meet all the people who will be on this incredible journey together!
  • I’ve been checking flight tickets three days in a roll and the price stayed the same. That’s only a good thing. Let’s make that big purchase soon!!
  • I’m going to go ahead and say spring is officially here, although who knows what might happen with the Missouri weather, but I’m lovin’ every second of this.

Say today is my point A, the points B are: the visit to the consulate, the pre-departure orientation, the day when I have my tickets purchased and maybe just next time when the weather gets all sucky again. What happens between now and then, nah, I guess I really can’t say, but I patiently awaits to see. Last time I talked about my fear, well, only fear could give us something to conquer, right? Ain’t that what makes everything more fun?


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