Sick, and sick, and sick again.

I apologize for the lack of posting in the past week. This is supposedly the best time to post about my whereabouts: I’m new to the city and all explorations are new explorations. But here’s my excuse: I’ve been sick on and off for the past week (sad face). Fever, sore throat, headache and waist pain. Basically things I have not had even once for the past three years, I’ve got it all now.

Sick and modeling in Catalunya Plaza.
Sick and modeling in Plaza Catalunya.

Things started going south Saturday morning. Room 216 did not wake up until noon, and we decided to be productive for the afternoon and go to the Gothic Corner, which is within walking distance from the Plaza Catalunya. As part of our already established routine, we took the metro there, hit some clothing stores and stole some wi-fi at the Apple store, and then started heading to our intended destination.

We never got there, by the way. In my defense, it was a weekend with tourists everywhere. The weather was humid and hot. Finally we just all got tired of walking. I headed back and slept a little more before going off to Helena’s birthday party.

I woke up feeling light headed, but I promised Helena to be there for her birthday, so I headed to the metro stop to meet up with her. My condition hit the lowest point during the dinner party when my whole body was so overheated that everyone at dinner got concerned.

Ever since then, it has been a roller coaster battle with the disease. I felt better Sunday during the day, but Sunday night, it all turned terrible. Then Monday again was all great. I even managed to travel all the way to Tibidabo and climb up stairs at the church there, but Monday night was so bad that I had to email our program coordinator about not being able to make it to class the next day.

Today’s Tuesday. After sleeping and resting for hours, I could finally say that I’ve gained some strengths and could eat and walk again. In the past couple of days, I got so much help from people whom I met only a week ago and barely know. I want to thank them all for their love and support.

During the time I’ve been sick, I still went to visit some amazing places. I have not blamed Barcelona or Spain for my sickness, and the fact that I’m not feeling my best could hardly stop me from appreciating the beauty of this city. You don’t have to take my word for it. I will show you what I meant, very soon. Stay tuned.


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