My Week 1 Report

My goal for the first week in BCN is to settle down, get comfortable and feel like home. After these many years, I have figured out a good system for achieving that. Simply put, I look for three things: a running route, a good café with not expensive coffee and a laid back environment where I could sit around and work on my laptop, and a library. Basically, when I know where I can work out, drink coffee and read books, I’m all good.

By the end of the first week, I have put down two, and half (?) check marks on the list. First thing I managed to do was finding a library within walking distance from the residence. A library card costs nothing but an online application. I put the app in Monday night and got my card the next day.

I can check out books with this baby at almost all libraries in the city!
I can check out books with this baby at almost all libraries in the city!

I also found a running route my first day. The route I took from the end of La Rambla/port back to my residence is all along the ocean, has a beautiful view and well-made side street. It’s just a little over a mile one-way.

About the café, well, I’ve run into some problems with that. There are quite a few cafés around, and the coffee here is generally of great quality. But European style coffee is of tiny portion, like a quarter of a regular Starbucks tall, and it seems like sitting in a coffee shop and read is just not a thing here. I also became used to drinking tea instead of coffee as part of my morning routine. Tea bags are included in the residence’s complimentary breakfast basket, so why not.


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