Back to Android!

My posting schedule is completely messed up due to a recent incident: I water damaged my iPhone last week by stupidly bringing it into my shower.

Yes, I fully understand whatever you might comment about this behavior. Trust me, I’ve heard them all for more than a thousand times since what happened. There were cautionary words, mixed with faces of shocks and disbeliefs.

Thing is, back in my apartment in CoMo, I have always brought my phone into the shower. I’m so sophisticated in this particular technique that I could not believe an accident like this would ever happen to me!

It’s only after I dropped the phone in the shower when I realized that in my own apartment, I’m the only one using the bathroom (instead of sharing it with two other girls, which means our the shower products that clutter around the bath tub grew exponentially). Besides, I have a little shelf back home where my phone could safely lie on, rather than just barely holding on to the edge of the bath tub here.

Because I’m like all the other young adults in the 21st century, my iPhone is part of my blood and flesh, at the very least my camera and photo album, which means I lost all my previous pictures (don’t talk to me about the cloud. I find it hard to believe anyone could figure that sh*t out) taken in Italy and around the city. And I lost my ability to shoot, which is why I’ve not had any materials to update you guys on.

But at the end of the day, I always believe there’s a silver lining behind everything. Along with the damage of my phone, I want to say I learned three valuable lessons:

Lesson #1 Apple products are extremely expensive in Spain, which explains why I don’t see many people using iPhone in the metro here in Barcelona. Because water damage is an accidental damage of which I take full responsibility (once again, stupidity kills), I can’t just get a new phone for free under warranty. In order to replace it, I would have to pay a little over $250 (USD)., and that’s not even the full price for a 5S, which was the model I had. The full price of a 5S is somewhere around 500 euros and the other models are about in the same ballpark.

Lesson #2 More often than I should, I blindly follow my instinct without necessary risk-assessment. This may lead to something beautiful, but it may also lead to something pretty darn bad. By now I’ve realized that under the conditions of living in a foreign country for the very first time and not speaking the local language very well, a lack of risk-assessment leads to more negative consequences than positive ones. Gotta be careful with that!

Lesson #3 DON’T BRING YOUR PHONE TO THE SHOWER. Don’t do it. Regardless of the condition. Just don’t.

After learning these valuable lessons (especially Lesson #1), I went out to a hole-in-the-wall-style-street-side tech store (instead of the fancy Apple store on Passeig de Gracia), spent 40 euros and successfully purchased an Android 4.1 LG by communicating in both Castellano and gestures. I am sincerely hoping this LG can safely accompany me for the next month and a half and accomplish everything (or at least close to everything) that my iPhone used to do during the rest of my journey through Europe.

That being said, I have so much to update your guys on! If you follow me on Instagram, you would’ve known by now that I went to Italy to see my friend, Only (if you don’t follow me, I don’t know what to say because the link to my Insta is right at the bottom of my home page. Dunno what’s stopping you). The trip was short, but absolutely wonderful. Only was a great host, first taking me around her base camp in Italy, the city of Fiat, Turino (Turin). She later took me to Firenze (Florence) and Pisa. We took some typical touristic pics (wink, wink).

Adémas, I befriended a language partner here in Barcelona. Her name is Marta and she is absolutely wonderful. Not only is she a film maker, she also fluently speaks five languages and is learning two others (Mandarin as one). As a BCN-born-and-raised, she tolerates all my language mistakes and patiently explains things, most of which are about the where to go to have some paella/bread/tea/etc., in town.

I also watched the infamous magic fountain show. Sadly I didn’t have an equipment at the time to document the event. The fountain was in the Montjuïc area. When water and lights combined at 11 p.m. and lit up the sky above the Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya, all I could thought about was just how lucky I was to be in this city, at this moment.

I’ve been trying to figure out ways to retrieve some of the pictures I took, especially the ones in Italy. As a sneak peek, I took this one in Florence and posted it on Insta. As soon as I get more pictures, I will start making up for the past posts. Till then, stay tuned.

Met my dog in Florence, Italy. He looks just like me!!
Met my dog in Florence, Italy. He looks just like me!!

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