​ Week -7 Weekly Roundup: Finding peace in nature

(At Lock Vale, Rocky Mountain National Park. After I took this picture, I went and climbed a waterfall. No kidding.)

If you are new to this site, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I have not yet purchased my flight ticket to Yangon, but after some initial planning, it’s roughly seven weeks till I arrive in Myanmar. Till then, I want to get myself into the habit of writing the weekly roundup. Here is my first trial.

I decided to name this one “- (negative) 7.” As weeks go by and Myanmar comes close, this number will inevitably goes up to zero, and later positive.

Some things I’m reading

Some things I’m watching

  • The Good Wife Season 1: I know, I know, I’m late to the trend, but I counted: if I kill one season a week, I can finish the whole show before leaving the U.S.
  • Netflix’s first Japanese original mini-series: Hibana/Spark: just starting this one. It’s depressing, but a damn good piece of work.
  • The New York Times Op-Doc about Norman Lear, Not Dead Yet: two scenes in this short made me literally LOLed. One at the beginning, one towards the end. See if you can spot it.
  • All the cringeworthy comments Gretchen Carlson at Fox had to endure on air before she was fired.
  • This talk by Trevor Noah.
  • Btw, I finally watched the movie Spotlight on Netflix.

Some things I’m listening to

PIC of the Week

Have to go with the one at the Rocky Mountain National Park, taken this Saturday. Soon after taking this picture, we legitimately climbed up a waterfall to get to the peak, Sky Pond.

Shoutout of the Week

My Snapchat! I’m back on it with the account name “drizzlefalling” (get it?). Add me!

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