Week -6 Weekly Roundup: I need to read more books

If you are new to this site, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

I need to read more books.

I’m slowly stumbling through my “Eat, Pray, love,” a used copy of the perceived middle-aged women’s guidebook through their mid-life crises. I purchased this one back in May, in a little second-hand bookstore in the Old City of Philadelphia. I loved the vibe there, but it was so packed that my claustrophobic mother almost had a heart attack when we were in it.

This is not supposed to be a book that takes two months to read. But here I am, still traveling in India with Elizabeth Gilbert (the author, and India is the very obvious “pray” segment of the book, so I’m about halfway through). Frankly, reading this book puts my mind in a much more prepared place for my own upcoming traveling. Just a bit embarrassed of how much I’m enjoying it, but meh.

Some (other) things I’m reading

  • Vox editor-in-chief Ezra Klein conducted a 40-minute interview with Hillary Clinton, attempting to answer one question he’s always had about the presidential candidate: Why is the Hillary Clinton American sees is so different from the one described by her staff, her colleagues, and even her foes?

Klein’s seen bashing on Trump very vocally in some other Vox videos, but this story shed an interesting light, while bringing in some gender dynamic, on Trump’s opponent Hill.

  • Riding along the election train, this New York Times op-ed said everything I want to say about the current bipartisan landscape in the U.S.

Some things I’m watching

  • A TED talk by Leila Hoteit on the lessons to success based on her experience as an Arab businesswoman. I’m usually not one chasing after titles like “7 tips to success” or *read this if you want to make more money/achieve your dreams*, but for some reason I clicked this one open. Glad that I did.

PIC of the Week


At the cutest Japanese restaurant I’ve ever dined at. This Japanese garden setup (there’s a larger one in the back) brings the much needed tranquility to a busy city like Denver.

Shoutout of the Week

  • For all you Coloradans out there, 14ers.com is a website/app where you can find, what I’ve seen so far, the most comprehensive information about the fourteeners in the state. On their app, you can get the GPS points for trail heads or save information of specific peaks in order to access it offline if you are going into signal-free zones, which are frequently the case if you are hiking a fourteener.

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