​Week -5 (belated) Weekly Roundup: Back in CoMo

If you are new to this site, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

The 10-hour drive through Kansas (OF ALL PLACES!) was a pain in the ass (literally), but being back in my good ol’college town was nonetheless highlight of the week. Besides banters on Mizzou, life chats about job transfers and S/Os, plus my first ever visit to the speakeasy bar in my college town (passwords are tweeted out so it’s up to you to decide how legit it is), following are some more things I watched/read this week.

(Chilling at the International Tap House, right across from the J-school, almost like I never graduated. Meanwhile, my back was sweating like a waterfall in 100-degree weather at 10 p.m.)

Some things I’m reading

Some things I’m watching

  • Abhi Veerina, a talented and passionate PiA co-fellow, compiled the clips from this year’s orientation from almost two months ago into a video. It sucks me deep into good memories and puts a grin on my face every time I watch it.
  • Gilmore Girls on Netflix. You bet I will figure out some way to watch the Netflix revival of this timeless show in Myanmar later this year.
  • My world lit up when Idris Elba started dancing at 0:37.

Some things I’m listening to

  • The popular UK podcast, My Dad Wrote a Porno, is back with a second season! You can’t imagine my excitement about this AHHHHH! It’s everything quintessential English (in my eyes at least) presented in the most non-traditional way.

PIC of the Week


(Some late night Frisbee-throwing at the Stankowski Field on the college campus where I spent the last four years. And yes, I did look up the field’s name on the campus map. And yes, we did steal the glass from iTap. And no, I had never been on this field before this weekend. )

Shoutout of the Week

My great partner, friend and mentor Kara Tabor is solo producing the podcast we started together earlier this year, Three Broke Mice, over the summer. She put time in it. She worked hard for it. She’s really killing it! And let me tell you, the most recent episode “The Emoji Show-ji”, done by HERSELF ONLY, is much more sophisticated and awesome than all the ones we did as a three-people team (oh why is that? Go figure). Please go give it a listen and leave a comment to let her know how awesome she is!

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