Day 79: the sound of blooming

Feeling drained of energy and creativity lately.

Took two sick days to stay in bed earlier this week, and it is especially frustrating having taken that time off and tried to recover, yet still feel like I’m not 100 percent when I came back to work. What a shame.

Every two weeks I buy one stem of lily for 700 kyat (around 50 cents maybe?) from the “ako*” who sells vegetables and flowers several feet away from my apartment complex.

I put the flower on my night stand, watch it bloom and die. Two weeks later, I go back to the same ako to buy another stem.

The first day I was sick at home, I was sleeping in bed near my unbloomed lily, when I heard this tiny, but distinctive, squeaky noise coming from above my head.

It was unmistakably from my lily, the sound it made trying to bloom.

The pedals were pressing against each other, brushing back and forth, struggling to open up. The friction made the tiny sound, almost like an announcement of what was about to happen.

After sitting on my nightstand for almost a week unbloomed, this lily unfolded right in front of my eyes in the next 15 minutes.


The timing was just right, I murmured before falling back to sleep.

(*meaning older brother, which in Myanmar is used to address just about every older male one encounters in daily life, from restaurant waiter to older colleague)


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